Brokerage and insurance company HONORIS FINANCE as a distinguished local insurance broker provides complex insurance services both in the Czech Republic and abroad. The brokerage and insurance company HONORIS FINANCE has been active on the Czech market since 1999, with a long-term focus on corporate clients.

We work with reputable brokers – members of Lloyd’s, BIBA and FSA – world leaders in the field of insurance coverage. HONORIS FINANCE maintains long-term conservative, very traditional views. HONORIS FINANCE operates in the insurance market without dependence on a single insurer, therefore the company can grant its clients advantages of the competitive environment of selected insurers as well as optimally selected insurance conditions.

Our past and present clients include e.g. Holding companies AGEL and MORAVIA STEEL, large commercial enterprises Třinecké železárny, a.s. and Vítkovice Steel, a.s., football club FC Viktoria Pilsen, a.s. and Mr. Pavel Nedvěd.

Management of the company

Ing. Radomír Havel
Chairman of the board
Address:Executive director
Ing. Pavla Sirová
Jakub Bouša
Member of the board
Address:Senior Broker
Bc. Darja Rodková
Director of the Moravian Branch
Ing. Vilém Janoušek
Liquidation director
Address:Senior Broker

Our services

The services of HONORIS FINANCE a.s. do not introduce any financial burden for the clients. The cost of mediation and the risk analysis, is paid by the insurer in the form of commission, for which a high-quality activity of the broker means a significant reduction of operating costs.

No increase in the price of insurance will be seen due to cooperation with HONORIS FINANCE a.s. .


Products provided by HONORIS FINANCE can be adjusted according to the individual needs of the client. The range of insurance products is broad – from liability insurance to insurance against terrorism or e.g. insurance of the organizers of national sporting events.

Among other things, HONORIS FINANCE offers an analysis of existing contracts and consulting, professional assets estimation for the determination of an optimal amount of coverage, creation of complex insurance programs, risk management and individual management of agreed insurance contracts.


As part of the improvement of the quality of services, the company offers simple online surveys for the offer of the breakdown insurance of the cars (HAV), as well as the responsibility insurance for the damage caused by the car operation (POV). 


As a client of the company HONORIS FINANCE a.s., you have an access to the centralized system KLZ, where you can view information concerning your insurance contract, report insured events, edit your insurance parameters and so on.


Central office Prague:
Loretánské náměstí 3
118 00 Praha 1 – Hradčany
tel.: 224 810 782, fax: 224 810 784

Brach Moravia:
Lidická 544
739 61 Třinec
tel. 608 306 017