Exclusive investment service for VIP clients with a higher volume of assets

Wealth Management, or asset management, is a highly professional service combining investment advice with other financial services. The goal is always to achieve a return for clients, whether it is short, medium or long-term increase in asset value.

Our clients benefit from a holistic approach, meaning that Honoris Group as advisor coordinates all the services that may be needed to manage their finances – thus planning the development of clients' wealth not only for the client's current and future needs, but also for the needs of their family members.

Our experience

As Honoris Group, we have been involved in asset management since 2000. Gradually, thanks to many years of presence on the markets in the UK and Switzerland, we have acquired the necessary know-how, as well as considerable experience and a number of contacts with top professionals in the fields of investment and financial advisory, legal and tax issues. We have gradually built London, Zurich and Dubai into the Group's structure as three key locations from which we are able to consistently provide superior investment services to our clients.

We use our own asset management companies, HONORIS FAMILY OFFICE LLP based in Mayfair, London and HONORIS WEALTH FUND INVESTMENTS based in Dubai. Swiss know-how is represented by the parent company of the HONORIS GROUP AG, based in the canton of Zurich.

Our clients

Clients of the Wealth Management section include both successful businessmen and well-known personalities of the sports world. For many years, we have provided professional services to the chairwoman of the Czech Olympic Committee, Věra Čáslavská, and our clients included other prominent representatives of the international Olympic movement.

Currently, our clients from the sports field include, for example, internationals Zdeněk Nehoda, Pavel Nedvěd, Tomáš Sivok, Vladimír Darida, and Tomáš Hübschman.

What we can offer you

Unlike competing companies of a similar type, we focus on providing a clearly defined annual improvement in the value of the funds entrusted to us. Our clients know in advance by how many percent we will appraise their assets in a given year. We guarantee a fixed improvement of the investment to our clients, so we bear the risk of any external negative influences on market downturns, etc. on our side.

In order to be able to implement this philosophy of asset enhancement, we mostly place the client funds entrusted to us in the Group's own investment projects or in our own deposit products. We use external projects or products only marginally. In this way, we protect our clients in advance from hard-to-predict fluctuations in the stock, commodity or currency markets.

Honoris Group clients pay no fees or other forms of costs for the services we provide. Our remuneration is always solely profit sharing, represented by the percentage of asset improvement we achieve in a given calendar year in excess of the client's guaranteed percentage. If we fail to exceed the guaranteed return, we will not earn a remuneration entitlement in that year.