As a leading domestic insurance broker, Honoris Finance provides comprehensive insurance services in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Honoris Finance has been operating on the Czech insurance market since 1999, focusing mainly on corporate clients.

We cooperate with renowned insurance brokers – members of Lloyd's, BIBA and FSA – world leaders in the field of insurance risk reinsurance. Honoris Finance has long been committed to conservative, very traditional approaches.

Honoris Finance operates in the insurance market without dependence on a single insurer, which enables it to provide its clients with the benefits of a competitive environment of selected insurers and optimally chosen insurance terms and conditions.

Our clients included or include e.g. holding groups Agel and Moravia Steel, large industrial companies Třinecké železárny, a.s. and Vítkovice Steel, a.s.


The services of Honoris Finance a.s. do not impose any financial burden on our clients.

As elsewhere in the world, the price for brokerage and risk analysis is paid by the insurer in the form of a commission, so for them the quality of the broker's activity means a significant reduction in operating costs. The cooperation with Honoris Finance a.s. will in no way be reflected in an increased premium price.

  • Analysis of existing insurance policies and consultancy
  • Expert services in valuation of property for the purpose of determining the optimal insurance amount
  • Creation of comprehensive insurance programs
  • Administration of negotiated insurance policies
  • Risk management


The products provided by Honoris Finance can be set up according to the individual needs of the client.

The range of insurance products is wide – from liability insurance to terrorism insurance up to, for example, insurance for organisers of national sporting events.

Honoris Finance also offers: analysis of existing contracts and consultancy, expert valuation of property to determine the optimal sum insured, creation of comprehensive insurance programs, risk management, and individual management of negotiated insurance contracts.